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Hi everyone! Let me introduce myself. My name is Wendy and I am 24 years old. I have one cat named Princess Clawdia. I decided to join a mailing list to talk about my experiences with my cat. I ran into some trouble though. I am on a WebTV and I have HTML in my email. I was getting alot of complaints from computer users that they couldn't see my posts. So, I decided to make my own mailing list just for WebTV'ers. That way there would be no complaints and we could talk about cats instead of the email posts.

So here it is! My mailing list's name is cattalk. We talk about our cats and our experiences. You don't even have to own a cat to join. You just have to have a love of our four legged felines.

This webpage is a small introduction to my mailing list. I will tell you about our list members and their pets. You can decide if this is the place for you.

The List Members And Their Cats

Wendy and Princess Clawdia

Princess Clawdia was born on August 26. She was adopted from The Stevens Swan Humane Society on December 26, 1995, at age 4 months. She is a domestic shorthair, with white fur and black spots. At age 3, she still acts like a kitten. She rolls over on command and plays fetch. Her favorite toys aren't even real toys. She likes to play with soda bottlecaps, twist ties and pipe cleaners.


Beverly is Wendy's mom. Even though she currently doesn't own a cat, she probably owns a few cyberpets online. She hopes to adopt a real kitty sometime in the near future. Until then, she has Princess Clawdia to keep her company.

Judy and The Three Purr Babies

The Three Purr Babies consist of 3 five month old Ragdoll kittens named Bear, Sabrina and Beau.

Bear is a lilac (frost) bicolor kitten with a warm loving personality. His favorite things to do are eat, sleep, watch TV, and look out the window at birds. His birthday is March 11.

Sabrina is the only female on the bunch. She loves to tattle on the two boys. Her birthday is March 5.

Beau is the youngest and really spoiled. He loves to play hide and seek in closets, cabinets, blankets and pillowcases. He grabs his mom's ankles to get her attention. At only 4 pounds, he is a tough little guy. He loves to jump on Bear and Sabrina. His birthday is March 26.

Marilyn and her little kitty army

Marilyn is a true lover of cats, because not only does she have 5 indoor cats, she has quite a few of outdoor cats. The outdoor cats' names are Toby, Milo, Spike, Max, Coco, Killer, Rusty, Sammy Socks, and Puffy.

Pepperoni, or Onie for short, is a 12 year old white cat with extra toes. She is the grand dame of the house. She's deaf so she meows rather loudly. She was bought from a pet shop in Medford, NY at 5 weeks old. Her birthday is May 3.

Clovis, born on June 15, was adopted from a lady in Schuyler, NE, who owned a very small shelter. Clovis was born under this woman's front stairs. He has blue eyes and is part siamese. He greets Marilyn every time she comes home. Clovis is very fat and spoiled.

Tig Tig is a tiger female with a very quirky habit. She won't walk on carpet. She jumps from chair to chair to table to anything so she won't have to touch carpet.

Baby is a 4 year old long haired calico female. She was born outside and she is very timid.

Christine and Reddi

Christine is Marilyn's daughter. Reddi is an 8 year old long-haired red cat. He was born in Marilyn's bedroom closet. He used to be an outside cat until he was hit with a hollow tip bullet that shattered his front leg, which had to be removed when he was one. His birthday is May 9.

Rhonda and Puffy

Rhonda is a 32 year old CNA sharing her home in Kansas with Puffy. Puffy is a 4 month old female. She is blind in one eye, but she is still fearless. She loves to follow Rhonda. She's a lap cat and a very special kitty.

Linda and her 3 kitties

Tonka is a 4 year old male who was found by Linda when he was only 4 weeks old. He had to be bottlefed. He's brown/beige, like a Tonkinese, hence the name.

Tiny is a 3 year old male who was about 2 months old when he came to live with Linda. He's a gray and white manx.

Squeeky is a 6 month old black female. Her birthday is in April. She was purchased in a pet store. She was roaming around the store.

Joelle and her three kitties

Punkin is a 15 year old male housecat. He was diagnosed with Feline Leukemia over 10 years ago and he is still going strong. He's a very special kitty. She also has 2 more male cats named Pimpers and Snuggles.

Dorothy and Rosie

Rosie is a 3 year old female cat. She loves to play catch. She can jump over 3 feet to either swat the toy mouse or catch it. Her favorite toy is elastic hair ties.

Ruth (aka Subana) and Mystery

Ruth had at one point 11 cats - 6 adult cats and 5 kittens. At present time, she has a 6 week old all black kitten named Mystery.

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