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This is a story about friendship.

There is a young woman named Wendy. Her friendship means the world to me. Without it I'd be lost, although I'm sometimes lost within it. I met Wendy several years ago through a mutual friend, Kim. Although the friendship with Kim has since faded, the friendship with Wendy is still going strong. She's seen me through some of the worst times in my life, and for that, I'll always be grateful.

I've tried to be a good friend to her, however sometimes I have failed. I sometimes put my feelings before hers, and am not always sensitive to her needs as a friend. I made a lot of stupid mistakes when I was younger, one of which was letting a man, sorry, a boy, come between us. As a good friend would, she forgave me. But I don't think she really understands how truly sorry I am. But I am hoping this will let her know exactly what she means to me.

Remember pool at Sunset Bowling Alley. You whooped my butt everytime. Remember Mike and Joe, who thought they'd turn out the way they did. Remember the juke box, I can still here Red Red Wine in my head. Remember Rock-n-Bowl on the weekends, did I ever get the purple pin? Remember my mom walking in to drag me home when I would sneak out. Remember Blue Sox games, flirting with the players like teenyboppers. Remember those older than dirt songs they'd play to get the crowd going. Remember staying up til 5am, even though we still do. Remember BJ's, who could forget. Remember the pepperoncini jars, my feet hurt just thinking about it. Remember Phil, the teddy bear. Remember Sean, your carshow buddy. Remember the apartment, I know you'd like to forget. Remember the first-time high fives. Remember no cable, movies, movies, and more movies. Remember Jason, practically the third roommate. Remember the kitchen, more importantly, the dishes. What lazy slobs we were. Remember Guido, how she started off as a doll, and grew into the self-proclaimed Princess we all know and hate. Remember "Miracles", do you need a hug? Remember the fights, noone had control of the house, but we both thought the other did. Remember Michele and Ed, I still have nightmares from those two. Remember moving out. I felt so alone without you there. Remember Scott, the first time I met him. Remember Brian D., Scott's opinion changed after that encouter. Remember Halloween, we did a good job with costumes that year. I know this is out of order, but has my mind ever worked normally? NO!!! Remember Steeeeeephen! Was he every womans' fantasy or what. Remember the Kiss party at the beach, poor Phil, good time though. Remember Jeff, the psycho stalker, how did I ever get through that. Remember my moving away, I cried for days. Remember when you visited me, Zsa Zsa Gabor. Remember when I returned, we got to work together for a few days anyway. Remember Tami, the other psycho. Whew!!!! Glad I got rid of that one. Backtrack! Remember the phony classified ads, Ovaltine and Spamburgers. Is Forever Leather still on? Remember my going away/ Halloween party, would you care to dance? Remember truth or dare, I'll take a dare! ok back on track! Remember Webtv, what genius thought of this one. Remember when I left again, it was much harder, because I knew I wasn't coming back. I had a thousand reasons to leave, but only one reason to best friend, Wendy!

I know whoever reads this will be completely lost, but you get it Wendy. You always get it. I don't make sense, you don't make sense......together, we make sense! Almost every memory I have is with you. I hope everyone in the world is lucky enough to have a friend like Wendy, this world would be so much better if it were filled with friendships like this. I've come to one conclusion after knowing Wendy all these years, and that is that God must have spent a little more time on her. She is so special.

If any of you have a friend like Wendy, make sure to tell them what they mean to you. There is no such thing as tomorrow, all we have is today. Open your heart, and let God do the rest.


Forever your friend,