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Apply For Princess Clawdia's Award

Princess Clawdia has been working her paws to the bone, trying to up date her site. She spared no expense trying to create the perfect website. Now, here's your chance to take part in the renovation. She finally has her own awards. She does have some ground rules to apply for the award, so read them carefully.

Your website doesn't have to be cat related, but it does have to be family friendly, which means G rated. Also, to get in good with the cat in charge, it would be a good idea to sign her guestbook. She would appreciate it. And that's basically it. You should hear back within the week if you have gotten her award.

Just click on the button below to request the award.

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After you receive the award, please link the award to my page -

Thanks for visiting. I will be posting the winners on another page, with a spotlight page named at the end of the month. The spotlight page will be voted upon by any visitors. They will have to choose among the winners of the award for the month. Good luck.

Make sure to specify which award you would like - #1 or #2